Long periods of off-the-rack may have gotten the job done till now, yet you’ve played with the possibility of a suit that fits you like a glove. Hello, the garments make the man, and they’ll pay for themselves with the executioner impressions you’ll before long be making.


You may have known about Dylan and Son, and you additionally may have known about Kay-Jen. The two originators, Dylan bespoke tailor singapore and Matthew Lai, met up in 2017 and favored Singapore’s style scene with the visit de-power that is the KayJen Dylan menswear name.

Working out of their shophouse studio in Telok Ayer, you can either go for a bespoke suit with Dylan, or a made-to-quantify suit with Matthew. Holding up times go from half a month for shirts, with coats coming in at around about two months.


You’ve just observed Q Menswear suits. They’ve hit the cinema as of late with Crazy Rich Asians. The truth is out, the film’s generation caught neighborhood – an excellent and commonsense signal.

Be that as it may, you don’t need to be insane rich to get tied up with organizer Chong Han San’s stolid manifestations. Two-piece custom fitted suits begin at $870. Hurl in a shirt and you’re scarcely over a thousand.

The Telok Ayer shophouse is a short distance from most CBD workplaces and offers a wide scope of style and considerably cowhide products for the advanced gent, so head down one lunch for a full consultation.THE REWARD

You’ve gained enough ground in your vocation to warrant more purchases. This time, you’re increasingly audacious and altruistic. All things considered, the first MTM has persuaded you that a bespoke suit is more need than extravagance to the gent and his undertakings.

  1. Creeks BROTHERS

The most recent to join the Singaporean style scene with their own made-to-gauge administration is the OG menswear brand Brooks Brothers.

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