How the Vig Works in Sports Betting

While winning units and percentage won are more extensively analyzed by bettors quantifying their achievement, the most elementary means to measure success on a particular bet or a string of wagers is analyzing your own return on investment.

It is far better to measure your ROI versus สมัครคาสิโน SBOBET winning percent as someone who wins 60 percent of low-risk (with low-return) wagers is not earning as much money as somebody who wins 55 percent of wagers using a marginally higher risk-return profile.

There are numerous men and women that will tell you win-loss documents, or winning percent generally, are just significant about the competitors or groups which are playing (or that which you are wagering upon).

Let us say that you make a bet on ten occasions where the underdog has been given +200 chances and ten extra events where the preferred has been awarded -200 chances. For the sake of argument, let us say that over these ten occasions, the underdog wins 40 percent of their time, and also the favorite wins 70 percent of their time.

If you spent $1,000 evenly distribute more than ten bets on the favorite(s), your gain will be $450, which means that you’ll get an ROI of 45 percent on a wager that won 70 percent of this time. But in the event that you spent $1,000 evenly distribute more than ten bets on the underdog(s), your payout will be $600, meaning that your ROI will be 60 percent on a wager that won 40 percent of the time.


So, concerning significance, you wish to consider winning units, and ROI as three layers of a pyramid; the bigger the coating, the more important it’s for you personally as a gambler. In that visualization, your ROI is the base layer, your components are the center layer, along with your winning percentage are the top part of the (hypothetical) pyramid.

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