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Our organization depends on carefully authorized inside approaches to shield client’s down records.

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We need to ensure that a seemingly endless amount of time after year, Madden NFL Football and Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) remain reasonable and a good time for everybody. Here are some snappy tips and decides that we need to do only that.

Pursue our security tips

We will never request your passwords for any records, including Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation™Network online ID (PSN ID). In the event that anybody attempts to get that data from you, realize that it’s not us.Never give your passwords out to anybody, ever.


It’s simple! Look at our article on playing by the EA rules

There are a couple of explicit standards that we need you to know about for Madden, so you and different players have the most ideal experience. We have these guidelines to keep things fun and reasonable for everybody that plays Madden, and anybody that breaks them can get restricted. Abstain from getting prohibited by keeping things legit and by not bamboozling.

Try not to hack other players’ records

It may appear like an easy decision, yet getting to another player’s record is absolutely and totally against the guidelines. Programmers will be prohibited from the Auction House and exchange square.

Try not to ranch Coins

Like we said above, you can gain Coins in a lot of various courses in Madden. In any case, cultivating Coins is a major no-no.

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