Best Hotels for Office Christmas Parties in New Jersey

Best Hotels for Office Christmas Parties in New Jersey

They say the holidays are a time for coming together and forgetting the past, and that apparently extends to the Trump administration clan.

A number of Donald Trump’s former officials – some of whom have been fired by the president himself – were in attendance at the White House Christmas Party on Monday night.

And the looming Mueller investigation – which has landed a number of Trump’s associates in jail – seemed to be the farthest thing from everyone’s minds as they posed for photos together and enjoyed the night.

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who is rumored to no longer be on speaking terms with Trump, happily smiled for photos during the celebration.

And former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who just recently turned down an offer to be Kelly’s replacement, was in attendance as well. It is time to have Santa Claus for hire to come out to entertain all the guests.

Christie posed for photos at the party with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Both men had run against Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

‘Great to be with my friend @ScottWalker tonight at the White House Christmas party,’ Christie tweeted.

‘He is a strong leader and helped many Wisconsin citizens get back to work in his 8 yrs as Governor. Merry Xmas!’

Walker seemed particularly impressed with the cranberry trees decorating the White House, tweeting out a picture of them as he shared that Wisconsin was the ‘#1 cranberry state in America!’

Also at the party were fellow former press secretary Sean Spicer, who resigned in July 2017, and current Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke – who will leave at the end of the year.

Sebastian Gorka, who was reportedly forced out of his position as deputy assistant to the president last year, took selfies with Ronald Reagan’s portrait at the party.

There were, of course, current Trump officials getting into the holiday spirit as well as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, and Kellyanne Conway all mingled with guests.

Vocal Trump supporters Rush Limbaugh and Diamond and Silk also scored an invite to the party, as did NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

Donald Trump Jr posted a video of himself with the duo, who told the camera that they don’t ‘want to hear about what’s going on with [Trump’s] money’.

‘His business ain’t none of our business,’ they said, clearly alluding to the ongoing scandal regarding hush money that was paid during the presidential campaign to two women who claimed to have slept with Trump.

Don Jr attended the soiree with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, who posted a picture of the couple on Instagram.

The former Fox News host sported a knee-length long-sleeved black dress for the occasion, nearly matching the sleeveless black dress Melania Trump had chosen for the night.

Entertainment for the guests included the Army Choir, which sang Christmas carols, and tables full of holiday treats including eggnog and even a replica of the White House built entirely out of gingerbread.

By the time Christmas Day comes and goes, Trump will have attended 21 Christmas parties for a total of 52 hours, according to New York Magazine.

And White House sources have revealed that Trump hates attending Christmas parties as part of his presidential duties – especially when it comes to taking photos and shaking hands.

‘It’s just a lot,’ one senior White House official told the site. ‘They’re hosting all these people, half of whom they don’t know.’

‘He just gets impatient. He likes to go, go, go. Sitting through things, he gets restless.’

Another source claimed that what Trump hates about the gatherings are that they were about the holiday, rather than himself.

‘It makes perfect sense, because it’s not about him!’ they added. ‘If it were about him, he’d love it. Christmas is not about him.’

Sources said Trump absolutely loathed his first Christmas as president, when he was introduced to the traditional photo line.

The photo line, which presidents have participated in at various degrees since John F. Kennedy’s term, requires them to take a photo with every guest in line.

It is a process that can take hours and involve a lot of handshaking.

‘He’s kind of a germaphobe,’ one source said of Trump. ‘So I heard that was a concern too.’

One source said it quickly became clear that Trump would not have as much tolerance for the photo line as the presidents who came before him.

‘He definitely gets impatient with photo taking because that is literally, at times, two hours of standing there and taking pictures,’ one source said.

‘And because he is the ultimate host, he talks between clicks.’

During one party, Trump even openly complained to his aide.

‘He said, “I’m supposed to be the president, but now all I do is stand there and take pictures all day. There’s no telling what’s going on in the world right now. I’d never now,”‘ they recalled.

At another party, Trump saw Vice President Mike Pence in the crowd and had him take his and Melania’s place in the photo line.

This year, officials decided to take the formal photo line out of most parties. An exception was made for parties for the Secret Service and law enforcement.

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